Brownfields Opportunity Area

Southern Boulevard
Brownfield Opportunity Area Study

Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice, in partnership with The New York State Department of State, intends to complete a Nomination Study for an approximately 56-acre area with potential brownfield sites that are located on the east and west banks of the Bronx River in South Bronx. Learn more below and check back soon for project updates.

Project Overview

What is a Brownfield?
Brownfields are properties or sites in a community that are negatively affected by real or perceived environmental conditions. A Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) study is a strategic plan for an area affected by known or suspected brownfields that will culminate in a request for BOA Designation to bring in resources for remediation. For more information on Brownfields and the BOA Program, visit

Project Goals
The Southern Boulevard BOA will be a study for an approximate 56 acre area characterized with 150 to 200 potential brownfield sites that are located on the Hunts Point Peninsula adjacent to the East River and Bronx River. This area is defined by many physical barriers, including the Sheridan Expressway, an elevated train line, the Cass Gilbert Train Station, fenced vacant lots, and an irregular street grid.

The study will identify opportunities to:

  • Improve waterfront access
  • Increase public open space
  • Reduce flooding
  • Create jobs and workforce training
  • Preserve Affordable Housing
  • Drive economic investment

Most importantly, the BOA nomination study will be developed based on input from the community to ensure the designation accurately reflects the community’s vision and goals. 

Study Area

The BOA study area is located on the west shore of the Bronx River between Starlight Park and Westchester Avenue, and the east shore of the Bronx river from Westchester Avenue southwards terminating at Lafayette Avenue and Soundview Park. The extent of the area we will be studying can be found on the map below.

Through the course of the study, YMPJ along with steering committee members aims to look at a few sites more closely and find more sites along the waterfront that can be remediated. Some of the sites we will be focusing on are (shown on the map):

YMPJ has been a part of previous Brownfields studies, and you can find them here:

Project Details

Schedule: The nomination study will be developed over the course of 18 months, and completed by Late Summer, 2025.

Funding for the nomination study is provided by the Department of State via its Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program.

Team: The Study is being led by YMPJ and supported by a consultant team led by Ennead Lab. The project team also includes experts in land use and planning, stakeholder engagement and landscape architecture, environmental review, and transportation planning, with services provided by HR&A, Grain Collective, GEI Consultants, and BFJ Planning, respectively.

Get Involved

The success of this BOA study hinges on robust community input from stakeholders such as residents, property and business owners, as well as guidance by a steering committee made up of local experts. The BOA team will provide regular updates on our findings and solicit feedback on goals & objectives, development frameworks, potential strategic sites that can help advance those frameworks, and final recommendations.

Join us on xx at xx for our first round of community touchpoints. 

For additional information, please email

Steering Committee:
The Steering Committee meets every few months to guide the project’s progress and weigh in on major questions. It comprises representatives from: 

  • Loving the Bronx
  • WHEDco
  • Bronx River Alliance
  • New York City Department of Transportation
  • New York City Department of City Planning
  • New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation
  • New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • New York City Economic Development Corporation
  • NYS Senator District 32
  • NYS Assembly District 85

Project Updates

Check back for more updates on our progress and records of presentations, as they occur.

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