Brownfields Opportunity Area

Brownfields are properties where a contaminant is present at levels exceeding the soil cleanup objectives or where levels exceed other health-based or environmental standards, criteria, or guidance adopted by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Brownfields Opportunity Area (BOA) study is a strategic plan for an area affected by known or suspected brownfields that will culminate in a request for BOA Designation to bring in resources for remediation.

The Southern Boulevard BOA will be a study for an approximate 56 acre area characterized with 150 to 200 potential brownfield sites that are located on the Hunts Point Peninsula adjacent to the East River and Bronx River over the next 2 years. The BOA, more specifically is located on the west shore of the Bronx River between Starlight Park and Westchester Avenue, and the east shore of the Bronx river from Westchester Avenue southwards terminating at Lafayette Avenue and Soundview Park. This area is defined by many physical barriers, including the Sheridan Expressway, an elevated train line, the Cass Gilbert Train Station, fenced vacant lots, and an irregular street grid.

The issues and opportunities include the lack of public access to the Bronx River waterfront, lack of green space in the study area; the lack of pedestrian pathways between Bronx River Greenway and the neighborhoods of Soundview and Foxhurst; leaching of pollutants and chemicals from small manufacturers and auto businesses; uninviting edge conditions of the Bronx River; and underutilization of the waterfront properties. The extent of the area we will be studying can be found on the map below.

Through the course of the study, YMPJ along with steering committee members aims to look at a few sites more closely and find more sites along the waterfront that can me remediated. Some of the sites we will be focusing on are (shown on the map):

YMPJ has been a part of previous Brownfields studies, and you can find them here:

YMPJ is currently seeking proposals from environmental, planning, and other consultants to assist us in an over 56-acre New York State Department of State (NYS DOS) Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Nomination Study of our South Bronx neighborhood.

Please consider this Request For Proposals and share this opportunity among your network of folks who may be interested in this work and reply with competitive proposals.

For any questions related to our work with Brownfields, please contact our Brownfields Opportunity Area Program Manager, Reece Brosco at