Commercial Revitalization

YMPJ is excited to kickoff a three year commercial revitalization initiative as part of the NYC Small Business Services (SBS) Neighborhood 360 program.  The initiative will be focused on addressing the needs of local commercial corridors as identified in the Southern Blvd Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA), and will support complementary efforts from both YMPJ and WHEDCO.

YMPJ will use the $375,000 allocated by the City over three years to hire local youth to engage stakeholders along the corridor in support of local revitalization efforts. Youth will also support the launch of a “Westchester Avenue Commercial Revitalization Steering Committee”, conducting outreach, educating neighbors, and connecting local efforts to larger strategic goals for the South Bronx.

NYC SBS funding will support public programs and events that activate corridors during evenings and weekends and celebrate diverse local cultures and histories, leveraging a key opportunity identified in the Southern Blvd Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA). The Steering Committee will identify, plan, and present activities that align with priorities and goals set by the Committee to increase and improve community assets, accommodate the local workforce, attract visitors and stimulate economic activity while improving the quality of life for current residents.

YMPJ’s approach to commercial revitalization is grounded in its model that free, vibrant arts and culture programming create a vital entry point for residents into larger advocacy initiatives. This approach will enable the Steering Committee to utilize public programs and events to build power in support of neighborhood priorities and goals.

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