12 Principles

Collective Self-Help – Help yourself and those around you. Don’t wait for others to do things for you or ask things of you. Be a leader and give your ideas.

Unity through Diversity – We all live together. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, and this makes us different. Together we make up a body of people who, because of our differences, are stronger.

Respect – Respect other people’s property and their bodies. Respect your own body by avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Respect the furniture and equipment you use and the classrooms you are in. Respect others as they are trying to get their work done. Respect others by the language you use and how you address them.

Safety – Do not bring weapons or other items that can cause harm to others. Everyone should carry their own identification card. We also encourage using the buddy system when coming to and leaving the school. We ask all members not to leave school grounds without notifying staff. We also ask that you report any strangers and unusual incidents to us.

Creating Community – We all live and learn together. We want to live in a family atmosphere where we are all comfortable with each other and can work as a community, not a crowd.

Holism – Holism is the idea that we are all people, which are things having to do with your body, mind and spirit, and we should behave in ways that help us and others to be a whole person. Holism means making sure you eat well (starting with breakfast and having a good lunch), do well in your schoolwork and get the help you need with it. Be aware of all the things you do and how they affect your body, mind, spirit and community.

Mentoring – To receive guidance by another who is more experienced and who cares for you (and the person you are developing to be). We all should have mentors and should be mentors to each other

Love and Caring – It is simply taking care of one another and the attitude we should have in dealing with problems, ourselves and others.

Creativity – It is coming up with new ideas, being a leader and not a follower.

Peace and Justice – If you see something is not right, try to find a good solution to the problem, doing it in a peaceful and fair way and by not fighting or arguing.

Mastery – You should never give up, but learn how to deal with your fears. Apply yourself to tasks you are doing, so that you do them well. Nothing is impossible! Give your 100% and do your best.

Development – It is knowing that you are growing and learning. It is also knowing that process takes time and can be slow, so be patient with yourselves and others.