What is #IAmYMPJ?

#IAmYMPJ. These words extend beyond the shorthand meanings of a social media hashtag. As 2018 comes to a close, we are taking the time to evaluate who we are as a community and as an organization. These 8 characters resonate beyond Twitter–they encapsulate what makes the YMPJ community so strong.

YMPJ is…the youth activists speaking out against injustice and empowering their peers

YMPJ is…the people grooving to a Zumba beat to improve their health (and joy!)

YMPJ is…the organizers fighting for immigration, environmental rights, and creating new, sustainable foodways

YMPJ is…the novice cooks, the cheerful table- and canvassers, the field trip chaperones, permaculture enthusiasts, and YOU. It is the diverse and expansive nature of our community that lends us our strength

Each ā€œIā€ in #IAmYMPJ is unique and we are so grateful you are a part of it

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